I created this blog to share all the music I love with tumblr. I like a lot of different types of music, anywhere from classic rock to electronic. My favorite artists are Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Squarepusher, Siriusmo, Tool, A Perfect Circle, The Rolling Stones, Dream Theater, The Cat Empire, Parov Stelar, Jimi Hendrix, Aphex Twin, Sublime, Animals As Leaders, Periphery, and a whole bunch more. I encourage people to find the music they truly like and not listen to overplayed pop music just because everyone else is doing it. I made this tumblr because when I hear a song I like, I just want to share it. I only have a few followers, and probably won't get many, but so what? I just want a place to record what i'm listening to. :] My main blog is trees-stars-seas.
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